How to Sign Up and Watch Live TV with SlingTV

If you like to watch live television, then Sling TV is one of the best ways to get free from limited cords. With Sling TV you can watch live TV anywhere and anytime on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, as well as on your TV. Sling TV runs on satellite subscription which requires internet access to work instead of cable connection. This means you can watch live TV channels, shows and movies anywhere with an internet-connected device. Sling TV gives you a choice of plans so that you’ll not have to pay for the channels you don’t watch. With these, you will also get the on-demand television (pick-and-pay) option on Sling TV. Here is how to sign up and watch live TV with Sling TV.

Sling TV plans

Sling TV provides only two main plans, known as ‘Sling Orange’ and ‘Sling Blue.’ However, you can combine both of these plans to access their benefits in a less amount.

Sling Orange: This gives you access to 30+ channels some popular channels, such as the Disney Channel, AMC, and ESPN.

Sling Blue: Sling Blue gives you access to more than 40 channels with some networks, including Fox, NFL, and NBC.

Sling Orange+Blue: This is the combined plan, which gives you more than 50+ channels with all the benefits of Sling Blue and Sling Orange.

Sling TV sign up process

The procedure for signing up on Sling TV is not so difficult. You’ll get the Sling TV free trial option during the sign-up process. Sling TV free trial gives you the free live TV experience for a limited period, with all of the features enabled. You can choose multiple watching options in the free trial. Here is how to sign up for a free trial (Sling TV).

  1. Use your device browser to visit Sling TV website, “”
  2. In the opened Sling TV’s homepage, look for the ‘Watch now’ or ‘Sign up’ option. Select any of these two options to begin the sign-up process.
  3. Enter an email and password for your Sling TV account.
  4. Click ‘Register.’ As soon as you register, you’ll be asked to select a Sling TV plan.
  5. View and select the plan you want to use.
  6. After that, view and select the additional watching options such as channel packages and DVR.
  7. Premium channels will now appear on your screen, select those you want to watch.
  8. Now, select the international and Spanish language channel packages you want to add to your Sling TV plan.
  9. Click ‘Continue.’
  10. Now, follow the screen instructions and fill the required details, you personal and credit card details.
  11. Hit ‘Finish & Submit’ to done.

You’ve successfully signed up for Sling TV, and your free trial is now active. If you don’t want to continue your Sling TV subscription after the free trial period, cancel it before the paid period start. If you don’t cancel it, the amount of your Sling TV plan and services will deduct from your credit card.

How to watch live TV on Sling TV

The unique point which makes Sling TV different from cable connection and other streaming services is its live TV feature. This means Sling TV on your phone, computer or television gives you access to everything available on the air. With Sling TV’s DVR feature, you can record your stream and fast forward it, in the same way, you could with cable connection. Accessing and watch live TV channel on Sling TV is a very simple thing.

  1. Decide the show you want to watch and open ‘My TV, Guide, Sports, or On now’ depending on your desired show. Alternatively, you can search for a specific program with Sling’s search.
  2. Locate the show you’re interested in.
  3. Select a show to watch live.
  4. And, click ‘Watch Live’ to play.

How to access and watch Sling TV’s on-demand television

Although Sling TV is specially designed for “live television,” but just like cable TV, it also includes some on-demand channels. Here is how to access and play them.

  1. Know the network that airs the program you want to play and watch. For example, Adventure Time is provided by Cartoon Network; here you’ll have to choose Cartoon Network.
  2. Go to the network and find your show to play. Shows that also offer the on-demand episodes display ‘X Episodes’ with the series name.
  3. Pick a show that you want to view.
  4. Choose a search to play.
  5. Select an episode, if the option is available.
  6. And, hit ‘Watch.’

Now, enjoy watching live TV on any device, anywhere and anytime.

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